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Excellent Technique &Service Brings Second Cooperation with "Yangzhou Dongfeng Plastic"

Time: 2018.08.15 Views: 452
On August 11th, 2018, Mr. Liang, General Manager of Yangzhou Dongfeng Plastics Co., Ltd., arrived in Guilin. Talking about the purpose of this visit, Mr. Liang made it clear that he came for signing the contract. After several days of detailed discussion, on August 14th, 2018, the two sides signed the cooperation agreement in Mr.Cao’s office. Guilin Golden Eagle Latex will design and install an advanced production line which can be used to produce medical latex gloves and check gloves for Yangzhou Dongfeng Plastics Co., Ltd. In order to keep pace with the development and upgrading of the production equipment in the present latex industry.

Guilin Golden Eagle and Yangzhou Dongfeng Plastics Co., Ltd. had cooperated in the year 2010 when Guilin Golden Eagle reformed and upgraded an old glove production line equipment for the company. Mr. Liang is very satisfied with the last cooperation. The production equipment reformed runs stable, with greatly improved capacity and product quality. About the new production line, although Mr. Liang received many quotation with low price, Mr. Liang finally chose to cooperate again with Guilin Golden Eagle. Mr. Liang said that he paid more attention on product quality and after sale service when choosing cooperating partner. It is not difficult to serve well for a while, but it is highly commendable to serve well all the time. Over these years, Guilin Golden Eagle has done the after-sales service very well. Whenever required, Guilin Golden Eagle will send someone to help solve the technical problems. Choosing to cooperate with Guilin Golden Eagle make him feel very secure,comfortable, and rest assured.